Health and Massage

Health and Massage was my focus as a Physical Therapist, I have worked around health issues my entire career especially the last 10 years or more whilst working in rehabilitation and Care Work. I set up Health and Massage as my Primary site to showcase Blogs that I had been asked to write by massage companies for their own webpages. You cannot read them in full until they have been published in which case the link will take you to their site, this is all new but hopefully in time as they are published you will be able to pop over to my site and search or find topics which may be of benefit for you. Some of the blogs are on general mental or physical health topics and others on the many benefits massage has to offer both physically and mentally.

I am also hoping to cover on this growing old blog many of the mental and physical health topics that we face as we grow older, these may not be as in depth but hopefully you will find them informative. If you are lucky enough to have used a good Massage Therapist you will understand how much massage can help, anything from easing and helping you to cope with pain, calming the nervous system and helping mobility.

The primal sense of touch alone can trigger relaxation both mentally and physically but sadly as we grow older we often lack this “sense” in our lives unless we have regular visits with grandchildren. Sadly most people don’t and often the only physical contact they get is when they visit the Doctors!! The good news is that many experts now acknowledge this fact so nursing homes, care homes and hospices now offer Massage, this helps the inhabitants which makes life a little easier for the staff too.

I would strongly recommend if you can, to find a good Physical Therapist working in the health (not beauty) field and try to visit them or have them visit you as often as your finances allow to enjoy the benefits. As well as helping any issues you may have they often can inform you of possible structural problems that are developing and offer advise on how to slow down or avoid the process escalating. Massage can be seen as a preventative, It may just be coincidence but most of the elderly I have worked with in their late 90s have enjoyed massages many times in their lives, don’t wait to be in a nursing home to get one! Use massage to keep your mobility, relax any tensions, control pain and just to feel good, you wont regret it!

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