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Growing Old – Lock Down Day 45

Since finding out that we may be able to leave our homes in the next few days a tiredness has come over me, it feels like I need to summon the energy for that last final push. The body seems to be relaxing and I can feel where I have been holding tensions, which is strange considering I thought that I was quite relaxed during these last months. The emotions are racing, excitement at leaving these confinements but also apprehension that it’s not official yet and may still be put back. The latest news this morning is that they are hoping that us oldies will start a day early on the 1st of May so they can test how it will work issuing time frames, they are suggesting elders are only allowed out during the mornings and children restricted to the afternoons to keep us apart. This of course will be sad news for grandparents but I guess as no social chatting is going to be allowed outside yet (1,6000 euro fine) then this will stop the urge for family meet ups. Also if we go back a few months they told us children are mainly symptomatic so a higher risk of passing the virus to the elderly. It was however beautiful yesterday to see my neighbours grandchildren outside shouting up to their grandmother, I felt the joy in my heart that she must be feeling being so close to them, before this she had cared for them daily while the mother works.

This led me to think of Trauma and wondering if we may all be experiencing a collective trauma, and what will be its effects in the future? We have all felt at points during these last months, afraid, overwhelmed, non productive, a foggy mind, struggled with so many emotions all at the same time and clung to things that are of certainty, these are all symptoms of trauma when too much to fast happens. Some other dictionary meanings found for the word trauma are: psychic trauma a psychologically upsetting experience that produces an emotional or mental disorder or otherwise has lasting negative effects on a person’s thoughts, feelings, or behaviour. Severe emotional or mental distress caused by an experience. An event or situation that causes great disruption or suffering. Any event having an adverse psychological effect. A disastrous or life-threatening event that can cause severe emotional distress associated with trauma in a person’s early life or adult experience. A painful emotional experience, or shock, often producing a lasting psychic effect and, sometimes, a neurosis.

Coming through the other side of this we will need to be gentle on ourselves and with others, we may have all suffered in different ways, and what is perceived as trauma for one doesn’t necessarily mean trauma for another. We are all maybe experiencing it for different reasons but the effects and suffering are the same, it is of course the first time the world has experienced a shut down so its psychological effects are unknown. I do feel that here in Spain because of the draconian measures and complete lock down, many will be cranky and suffering, most other countries at least are able to get out to exercise and take in some fresh air. So I feel we must all learn to control our trigger reactions and not take things personally, but acknowledge the other person is coming from a place of suffering too.

Of course not all traumatic events lead to psychological problems especially if we deal with our emotions as they arise, many experiences can bring about the necessary changes we need as long as we move forward and not get stuck in what was. Our collective trauma may indeed give us an opportunity to move forward and not to repeat what was, as in this case what was, wasn’t working for the majority of the worlds population. We could shift our energy to create something new, better, more sustainable, involving all, to what brings us more peace in line with our conscience, eradicate daily worries of survival and take care and respect our planet and all its inhabitants. Working together for a better world to leave our children will help to stem long term psychological problems. We may look back on this period as a time lessons were learnt from and positive changes were made. We could harness a sense of satisfaction, gratitude and achievement in that finally we moved on to create something better. If people don’t have the daily worry to survive, violence and crime may become only a small percent and people will be happier, more compassionate and help and support each other more. I say a small % because as human nature shows there are some just so greedy that there may always be some crime!

Greed will be a topic for tomorrow for fear of turning this blog into a book chapter! I am still sitting here waiting for my face masks to arrive, a little impatient in anticipation of going out in 3 days time. I also wonder how my cat will react to being left alone for an hour, as she like many dogs are now used to their owners being with them 24-7. I am sure there may be many pets playing up in the weeks ahead, not understanding why they are being left alone once again, friends and family already report problems with their pets. They are not allowed to take long walks or socialise with other dogs whilst out, without being able to communicate they must think that their owners are punishing them.

I am off to try to do some cleaning, struggling to find inspiration to do so other than it is necessary, there are so many other things I want to do and would rather be doing. So please stay safe and take precautions to protect yourself and loved ones including taking care of your mental health to prevent any effect of what seems sometimes to be a collective trauma💜

Coming out of Isolation, all are suffering from collective trauma to some degree
I feel we must all learn to control our trigger reactions and not take things personally, but acknowledge the other person is coming from a place of suffering too.

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