CoronaVirus Lockdown

Growing Old – Lock Down Day 36

What a beautiful day! the sun is shining, we have fluffy clouds and all the windows open, with fresh air throughout and it feels like freedom. For so long now I have been feeling that I don’t want to do anything, I have realised during these times, how much I don’t like cooking or cleaning! I am not sure how this happened but I do know its been brewing inside of me for a long time, at least the last 4 years. I have been cooking and cleaning since I can remember, I guess like most women, although I started maybe a little younger. I remember when very young Sunday was baking day for the week ahead and ironing day, it was my responsibility, Saturday was cleaning day and gardening day as we grew a few vegetables. From the age of 11 when my second half brother was born, more responsibilities were given to me, taking him to nursery by bus and walking 45 minutes to school, after school walking to pick him up then a bus home. On school holidays I was the babysitter, cook and cleaner, I remember looking out at neighbours and friends playing in the street, longing to join them. I do remember times though when I did get out with them and cycle to the playing fields, or take long walks, visiting a distant aunt.

We lived quite close to the sea so I could take my brothers for a walk to the beach my favourite place, it was real sand, that very fine perfect sand castle sand and sand dunes. Living in a coal mining area there was often Sea Coal washed up on the beach too, so on a weekend I would push the bike and collect a sack of it for the fire. I loved this, as during the week when my grandma visited we would sit together making cones from old newspapers and fill them with coal from the dried piles and chat away. Anyway coming back to cleaning and cooking, in my adult years I loved to cook and cleaning was a thing to make something beautiful as well as clean, I was proud of my home and complements on my cooking. Over the years though I have lived with some of the most untidy and messy people, I could feel the frustration building up as I was constantly picking up and cleaning whilst trying to fit it into a busy schedule. Cooking became a nightmare too after so many changes to peoples eating habits, I could never manage to find things palatable to everyone around the table. With a busy life I just lost interest and stopped enjoying food as mostly my own tastes were put last, it became a chore. Moving back to now I realise how much I don’t like either, watching many people finding a new found interest in baking and cooking in Isolation I have had mixed feelings and tried to encourage myself to renew my love of it but it hasn’t worked, so for now I will just accept how I feel, I long to be fed not to feed!

While sitting here I heard sirens and music outside, I went to investigate but unfortunately I only managed to catch the end of it on video so sorry for the bad quality. Some Police had come to wish somebody a “Happy Birthday”, I am not sure at this time who it was for, a child or a Health Worker but again it shows how well the police are handling the situation we find ourselves in, they are doing a lot to try to boost the morale of all locked down in towns.

Lets move on to a few News articles, these are mainly to look back on sometime in the future to see if they turned out to be true, and also for a time scale for the events happening during these times:

Good news for children, well at least those under 12 who have not been allowed outside for any reason under any circumstance since lock down. The prime minister announced today opportunities for children to leave the home under controlled circumstances from April 27 (still 12 days away). He also said that he would seek approval in Congress to extend the current state of alarm – which was first implemented on March 14 – to May 9, and that from May 11, there would be a “cautious and progressive” de-escalation of confinement measures. Oh no another extension coming, nearly another month away before measures start to de escalate! Another moving of goal posts for us all to contend with —- Requests for information regarding government procurement during the health emergency are going unanswered as the coronavirus crisis has put transparency legislation on hold! —- Another article on Transparency which shows that it seems to have disappeared in many countries during this time can be found at Voices for Transparency. —- Meanwhile in Michigan people are taking to the streets to demonstrate against the state order to stay at home, painting cars and holding flags in support of Trump.—- Anger is arising in Sweden as the elderly are paying a price for the government strategy, they find that care workers are not even wearing masks in nursing homes. —- NASA’s Arctic Ozone Watch has reported the formation of a large hole in the ozone layer above the North Pole that may be the biggest on record in the north. This is disappointing after news the South Pole layer is improving. —- “World’s longest creature discovered in ocean depths off Western Australian coast. There is so much we don’t know about our planet and inhabitants, it is a constant mystery and delight —- Even under all the worlds travel restrictions, Romanian fruit workers are flown in to UK because not enough Brits stepped forward after an appeal for workers. Many questions arise from this, especially after Brexit and also who wouldn’t want to have an excuse to leave the cities during lock down! —- Radiologists are sharing CT scans, X-rays in a global effort after a 30 year old with no symptoms was shown to have signs of the virus in the lung, “It’s something that’s being increasingly recognised around the world that people can have COVID-19 changes in their lungs and be asymptomatic,” I feel there is still much to learn before instant vaccines are distributed as can be seen here. —- WHO are unsure antibodies protect against COVID, little sign of herd immunity. —- What Impact Has Oil Pollution Had? Since the 2010 BP oil spill, marine scientists at the University of South Florida (USF) have sampled more than 2,500 individual fish representing 91 species from 359 locations across the Gulf of Mexico and found evidence of oil exposure in ALL of them, including some of the most popular types of seafood. The yellowedge grouper had a concentration that increased more than 800 percent from 2011 to 2017. This isn’t news but the obvious!

Well that’s an awful lot to take in today, I am off to cook! I will as always, try to do it with love, clearing out my thoughts of not enjoying it before I start and live in the moment as I chop and cook. As my video was so terrible above I will leave you with one much better, one that inspires hope, love, creativity and a coming together of people in a community to celebrate with each other. Stay safe and take precautions to protect yourself and loved ones including taking care of your mental health, keep social distance, but not social interaction 💜

Whatever the conditions remember to celebrate life

This video I can’t give credits too, it was passed to me via a phone message, hopefully I can source its origin in the future.

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