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Growing Old – Lock Down Day 22

Today we will look at an extended lock down, UK news – not adhering to Isolation – footballers debate, and no Cadbury’s Cream eggs! Firstly, yesterday Spain was told that the Lock Down would be extended until April 26, so I guess we prepare ourselves mentally by saying we are half way there. Psychological markers happen to everybody trying keep their thoughts from the insecurity of the unknown, it gives us an aim. Of course when the target keeps moving we then find ourselves having to readjust our minds again as a way of getting through, usually with strong emotions involved.

Whilst this country has taken strict action to prevent the virus spreading with parks and beaches being sealed off and out of bounds from day 1, excessive fines introduced, only one family member allowed to go shopping or walk the dog, no exercising outside etc. We can look at other countries and feel that at least we are all in this together, a global effort, then we see reports emerging from less stricter countries like UK and USA and the average person starts to feel anger and frustrations at the amount of people defying requests to keep social distancing. The same scenarios would happen here of course if the restrictions were not so strict, Madrid went into lock down first where the virus was mainly centred, after being told not to leave the city, many who possessed second homes did so in a mass exodus. Within 2 days new laws to stop them were introduced but already many had left even those with the virus, spreading it across the country. In asking and pleading with a society to adhere to what for most feel is common sense and for a common good, there will always be those that act in a way seen by those who do conform, as being selfish, not sacrificing anything at the expense of those that do.

This can be seen too in the debate surrounding UK footballers this week, those in top clubs have been asked to take a 30% pay reduction with many of them complaining our showing anger publicly. It must stir up strong emotions in those that have lost their jobs and will struggle this next month to provide food for their family whilst waiting for promised government help. Of course these are the kind of things that lead to a societal split, although not the same thing but a bit like Brexit did. My son who goes to work daily has informed me of the hugely growing queues outside our own local food bank, even with the government promising to cover up to 80% of peoples lost wages, for many this wont pay the rent, higher utility bills (consequence of family at home all day) and buy food. Many people here were shocked at the reaction of some footballers not being happy to receive 70% of their extremely high wages especially as a while back clubs like Barcelona amongst others decided for themselves to take a 70% cut in pay to keep all the low paid staff in full wage and not terminate their contracts.

On another subject, today is Palm Sunday and as such it normally sees Spain which is predominantly Catholic, out in the streets on mass, although the streets and churches are empty I can hear church bells ringing regularly. For myself I find the atmosphere very glum and heavy during Easter here, normally after some beautiful spring weather the rain always comes wherever this week falls, dampening their daily processions adding to the heaviness felt. So I for one wont miss the Easter activities, although I have to admit I will miss Easter Eggs! Being British and a semi chocoholic I love UK easter eggs. As its not a tradition here I cant purchase them locally but can get them in a few shops that supply British food or with a trip to Gibraltar. Of course we cant travel now so I sit here craving at least one Cadbury’s Cream Egg, its the first thing I have craved since lock down!

So to finish off for today, wherever you are in the World I hope you find peace, love, grattitude and hope in your heart for all the goodness that is emerging in society and many of its people, stay safe and take precautions to protect yourself and loved ones including taking care of your mental health 💜

Image by Jeff Jacobs from Pixabay

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