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Growing Old – Lock Down Day 10

The land is looking happy to be soaking up the rain we are still having, unlike the torrential downpours with flooding that often occur, we have had a steady flow this last week and all around is looking lush and green. We look forward to spring blossoms and wild flowers before the scorching heat of the summer.

The mood amongst friends and family is relatively good at the moment, our area shows a flattening of the curve for the virus, unlike many other areas in our province. Maybe as a tourist area people have been keen to stick to regulations in the hope we can all get back to normal soon and not miss out on our coming season. Although it will still be dampened by world travel restrictions and many will struggle, but hopefully internal tourism will pull them through.

People are communicating a lot on this crisis, like politics and religion it can get quite heavy at times, as far as I can tell there seems to be three scenarios existing as to the ending of this crisis discussed amongst many. 1) Everything will be back to normal in a month or so and life will go on like nothing happened, 2) We will find ourselves living in great a depression with maybe an Orwellian state taking hold, 3 )We will recover from this, learnt many lessons and work to create a fairer and cleaner world for all, with new greater efforts to clean up our Planet.

It seems then that we are at a crossroads with 3 paths ahead, where we go from here only time will tell. World leaders and decision makers have a chance to go down in the history books as great men and women or may be seen as great destroyers through greed and power hunger. I seem to be in the minority in believing in the 3rd option (forever the optimist) as Individually we have a choice too. Although ultimately the decisions and choices our leaders make effect us collectively we can still choose to live a simpler life, choose to be kinder, choose to help others more, choose to create less rubbish, choose to be more ecologically aware, choose to walk more, cycle more and use our cars less, choose to purchase more ecological products, choose to work on our own humanity, emotions and feelings, improving ourselves etc. Our personal actions eventually effect leaders and corporations decisions if only for the purpose of their greed.

Up until a month ago people worshipped celebrities, footballers and money, maybe that will now change, our new heroes are Doctors, Nurses, delivery staff, sanitizers and shop workers. How quickly our perception changes, we can now see their true value. These celebrities earning millions are now worth nothing to us compared to the lesser known artists that are entertaining us from their homes and shelf stackers that are working putting themselves at risk so that we can still eat. The shareholders of companies who earn millions are nowhere to be seen and will be looking to cut costs when things return to normal to keep their profits, while staff still working mostly get paid less than a minimum wage. I for one will try to support the local people, artists and businesses as much as possible when all this is over.

I hope and wish that we don’t quickly forget this short period of time and lose track of our true hero’s and what is of real value, we cannot thank them enough for what they are doing whilst putting themselves at risk for all our benefits. Stay safe and take precautions to protect yourself and loved ones💜

Image by Jan Alexander from Pixabay

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