2020 Head Above Clouds

Wow its been so long since I have written anything, what happened to the time? Christmas came and went and it was so lovely to have the family stay, far more important to spend every precious moment with them rather than sitting down to write. On New Years day I went up the mountain with my daughter, the one I see from my desk, we set off with clear skies hoping for a clear view from the top symbolic to starting the year off in a clear direction, we drove for 45 minutes and then walked a short distance to the peak. Instead of the clear view envisioned all we could see were clouds, we stayed there for over 4 hours in awe of the beauty, peace and stillness we encountered taking the symbolic meaning of starting the year off with our head above the clouds not in them.

Well that was the 1st and now its the 16th. for these past days I have no excuse other than I stare out at the beautiful mountain and see myself sat above the clouds in all its glory. There have been many global meditations going on and some important planetary alignments including a full moon eclipse, the moon has throughout my life affected my energy levels usually leaving me feeling spaced out or out of it around the days it is full, this time though I am still feeling it! I have at least sorted many other things out like a new portable desk etc. leaving me with only a small to do list left.

Sitting above the clouds has certainly left me with a feeling that nothing is important any more, just breathe and take each day as it comes being an observer. Watching the worlds stage has been stressful these past few weeks as has the moods of many people around me, being an observer has helped greatly.

I think we could be feeling a global consciousness of the horrors of so many animal deaths in Australia and their sufferings, the reality of our sick planet is playing on our global conscience, the reality of accepting, that maybe our Beautiful Blue Planet really is run by greedy power hungry mentally disturbed people. So where will we go from here? Maybe this year will be the start to the end of the status quo, we can only hope.

As I cope with everything to do and everything around me I have promised not to be too harsh on myself this year for not achieving time stamps etc. and go with the flow, I did enough over my life! Its now time for me to just be present and do only what I can and accept what I cant. So for now I will allow my mind to float up to the mountain above the clouds, holding on to that peace and calmness whilst all around seems in chaos, strangely leaving me feeling more grounded.

Pine Processionary Caterpillar Nests

Update….The pictures we took on the mountain inspired me to take some writings from my Health and Massage site (including this one) and create Growing Old my second blog for age related issues and general musings which you are visiting now.

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