4 Minute Workout For Better Health

I wrote this blog a while back, it is one of the best exercises for all ages and fitness levels by Dr. Zach Bush MD (you can visit his website at it can even be used whilst recovering from serious illness. It was written with the view of office workers in mind but its results apply to everyone of every age.

As we age sometimes we find it harder to exercise especially after illness or because of degenerative disease, this one is simple to do and deceivingly effective promoting the ability of the body to use Nitric Oxide for muscle growth. It has been used in care homes to rebuild or maintain muscle mass and strength with great success, and the beauty is that the optimum time recommended is only 4 minutes, you don’t need special equipment or clothes and it can be done anywhere so No Excuse really for not giving it a try! If you are recovering from any illness, just out of shape or loosing muscle mass through the natural ageing process then try to build up slowly. If you can only manage a count of 3 on 1 repetition its ok, build up to the count of 10 with more repetitions over the weeks or months. The important thing is to do it! do what you can and you will find that as you feel fitter your motivation will increase.

Head over and read the article on how it will improve your health then watch the video, it explains the benefits then walks you through the exercise, its so simple it only needs watching once! Enjoy a stronger healthier body with more mobility ❤️

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