Growing Old

Well I finally got round to creating this site, its not quite what I envisioned but it will suffice for now. Wanting to learn and keep my mind sharp I decided to do it all myself, having an amazing Myspace account many years ago and enjoying creating it, I thought this would keep the brain cells working and it would be fun. So far it has done for the most although my mistake may have been using WordPress Com as other hosts seem to offer much more with less restrictions that you can only get on a Business plan here, I am faced with trying some computer coding or waiting until I renew and move to another host where I can get plug ins etc. Yes I could pay somebody but this little venture is to learn and keep my mind ticking as I start retirement. So one of the first signs of ageing that I noticed is that I am really hesitant to put in coding which a few years ago I would have even if I messed up, but now it doesn’t seem to be worth the effort or hassle if it goes wrong. Well with that said its time to admit

…… UPDATE – This was written at the time I set up my site Health and Massage, I now have a second Domain for Growing Old and this new site theme has many more options that don’t need plug ins enabling me to have the two blogs separate. I will have to live with restrictions to the size of feature pictures etc. but as far as separate blogs with a little patience and perseverance I did get there in the end!

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